HMW92/93 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for demanding HVAC applications

The wall-mounted Vaisala HMW92/93 HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters measure relative humidity and temperature in indoor environments, where high accuracy, stability, and reliable operation are required.The  transmitters includes models for both current and voltage output. These flexible transmitters offer a variety of options and features. Transmitters include a display and a sliding cover with either a display opening or a solid front. Output options include both special scalings and calculated dew point and mixing ratio parameters.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation, configuration, and field adjustment
  • Vaisala HUMICAP® 180R Sensor with superior long-term stability
  • Humidity parameter options: relative humidity, dew point and mixing ratio
  • Full 0 ... 100 %RH measuremen trange
  • Up to ±1.7 %RH accuracy
Models (rH and T)
HMW922-wire, current output
HMW92D2-wire, current output with display
HMW933-wire, voltage output
HMW93D3-wire, voltage output with display
Relative Humidity
Measurement range0...100%rF
Temperature range+10...+40°C
Temperature range-5...+10°C, +40...+55°C
Stability in HVAC applications±0.5%rF/Jahr
Humidity SensorHUMICAP® 180R
Measurement range-5...+55°C
-5...+10°C, +40...+55°C±0.5°C