Squirrel SQ2040 - Powerful data loggers for all applications


16 to 32 channel universal inputs suitable for temperature probes, humidity sensors, and pressure transducers. Maximum data acquisition speed 100Hz on 2-channels.


Analog Inputs
(at 25°C) voltage and resistance ± (0.05% readings + 0.025% range)
Common mode rejection: 100dB
Input impedance: > 1M
Linearity: 0.0015%
Series mode line rejection: 50/60Hz 100dB

Analog-Digital Conversion
Resolution: 24bit
Sampling rate: up to 10, 20* or 100* readings per second per ADC

Alarm Outputs
4 x open drain FET (18V 0.1A)

Power output for external device
Regulated 5 VDC at 50mA or logger supply voltage at 100mA

Time and date
In built clock in 3 formats

Scaling data
Displays readings in preferred engineering units.

16Mb (Up to 1,800,000 readings)
External: Up to 64Mb - removable MMC (For transferring internal memory and storing setups only)

Calculated Channels
Up to 16 virtual channels derived from physical input channels

Up to 6 significant digits

/Logger Setup
SquirrelView or SquirrelView Plus software

RS232 (Auto bauding to 115k baud) USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
External options: Ethernet, GSM and PSTN Modems

Power Supply
6 x AA Alkaline batteries
External: 10-18VDC, Reverse polarity and over-voltage protected

Power Consumption @ 9V
Sleep mode:
< 600µA
Logging: 40-120mA

Memory Modes
(internal only)
Stop when full or overwrite

Display and Keypad
2 line x 40 character LCD display
Battery state and external power indicator

Operating Environment
-30°C to +65°C
Humidity: 90% at 40°C non condensing

DATASHEET» sq2040.en_02.pdf (1429kB)
HANDBOOK» SQ2040.en.pdf (1154kB)