EMA200 - Portable, digital pressure gauge with min./max. value memory

This differential pressure gauge has a min./max. value memory and can be used for measuring positive and negative, low- to mid-range differential pressures. Flow-rate measurements are possible through the addition of a pitot tube. The EMA 200 operates by means of inductive displacement transducers that measure the deflection of the membrane of a pressure measurement capsule without making contact. Suitable for battery operation, this durable and easy-to-use instrument can be used for measuring fireplace drafts, monitoring filters, etc., thereby lending itself well to the assembly and maintenance work performed by service technicians in the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation industries. Calibration certificates from either the factory or the German Calibration Service (DKD) are available upon request.

Accuracy: 0.5 % of end value

Overload capacity: 10 x for measurement ranges ≤ 10 kPa
2 x for measurement ranges > 10 kPa
1.2 x in the 200 kPa measurement range

Air-speed calculation: v = 1.291*Δp
air-speed given in m/s and
Δp=differential pressure at pitot tube in Pa

Zero point calibration: electronically by pressing zero point key

Medium: air, all non-aggressive gases

Analogue output: 0...2 V (RL ≥ 2 kΩ)

Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD, character height = 13 mm

Operating temperature: 0 °C...+60 °C

Storage temperature: –10 °C...+70 °C

Power supply: 9 V battery
(display reads “low bat” when power
falls below a certain minimum level)
power automatically switches off
after approx. 30 min.

Weight: approx. 0.4 kg

Measurement range:
0 ... 200 Pa (0 ... 2 mbar)
0 ... 2 kPa (0 ... 20 mbar)
0 ...
20 kPa (0 ... 200 mbar)
0 ... 200 kPa (0 ... 2000 mbar)

DATASHEET» EMA200.en_02.pdf (712kB)
HANDBOOK» EMA200.en_01.pdf (367kB)