VDU differential pressure transmitter

Satron VDU differential pressure transmitter belongs to V-series transmitters. The transmitter is a 2-W transmitter and is used from 0-1.4 kPa to 0-3 MPa ranges. In pressure measuring applications Satron VDU diff.pressure transmitters are used for measuring the pressure of clean, sedimenting, crystallizing and sticking materials.The transmitter's sensor is piezoresistive. The rangeability is 25:1. The transmitter communicates digitally using the HART® protocol.

Zero and Span adjustment
Zero elevation: Calibrated span is freely selectable on the specified range. This can be made by using keyboard or HART®275 communicator.

- Time constant is continuously adjustable 0,01 to 60 s.

Temperature limits
Ambient: -30 to +80 °C
Process: -30 to +125/+200 °C
Shipping and storage: -40 to +80 °C.
Pressure limits Min. and max. process pressure: See the appended tables. Volumetric displacement < 0.5 mm3 /max. span (in both sensors)
Output 2-wire (2W), 4-20 mA, user selectable for linear, square root, inverted signal or the transfer function (16 points)specified by the user

Supply voltage and permissible load
See the load capacity diagram; 4-20 mA output: 12 - 35 VDC.

DATASHEET» VDU_03.pdf (483kB)
HANDBOOK» VDU_04.pdf (1827kB)