VT pressure transmitter

SATRON VT pressure transmitter belongs to the series V- transmitters which will have both analog and smart properties. SATRON VT is used for 0-26,5 kPa …0-100 MPa ranges. The transmitter communicates in a 2-wire system. In pressure measuring applications SATRON VT transmitters are used for measuring the pressure of clean gases, steam and non- crystallizing liquids. The transmitter`s sensor is piezoresistive. The rangeability is 25:1. The transmitter communicates digitally using the HART protocol

Temperature limits

Ambient: -30 to +80°C

Process: -30 to +125°C, DIN 16288

Shipping and storage: -40 to +80°C

Volumetric displacement
< 0.5 mm³ /max. span

Output 2- wire(2W), 4- 20mA, user selectable for linear

Humidity limits
0- 100% RH; freezing o condensed water not allowed in reference pressure channels

DATASHEET» VT_01.pdf (706kB)
HANDBOOK» VT_02.pdf (1520kB)