dEX Logger Software

dEX is an intuitive graphical interface that allows you to configure your data logger, view real-time data in mimics, trend charts or tables and retrieve your historical data for analysis. dEX runs directly from your web browser and can be accessed either locally or remotely, anywhere that a TCP/IP connection is available including worldwide over the Internet. You can use any of the logger's built-in communications ports to view dEX including Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

Advantages of dEX-software solution:

  • Built-in software - no application to install
  • Runs directly from your web browser
  • Accessible by Ethernet or USB connection
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Easy-to-use configuration editor
  • Access live and historical data
  • View data charts, mimics and tables


DATASHEET» dEX_Logger_Software_01.pdf (1698kB)