Ultrasonic portable flowmeter MINISONIC P®

MINISONIC P uses the very latest electronic technology combined with highly efficient digital signal processing (D.S.P.) technique which maximise the system performance giving the user significant benefits. MINISONIC P gives outstanding measurement capability including the ability to adapt its operation to suit the most challenging site conditions. The system consists of a hand held control unit and two probes with support and cables.

2 lines LCD display – 16 characters – Programmable backlight.
Ergonomic keypad and menu configuration – access code if needed.
Analog output (x2), relays (x2) and R/S 232 (or 485).
High resolution time measurement < 0.1 ns  Dynamic Gain up to 89 dB.
Echo analyser with automatic control (ESC mode)
Multiparameter : Flow, speed, gain, signal quality ratio……
A CE product
Internal battery 12 V – NIMH non pollutant
Charger 90 V - 260 V AC – 12 to 14 h charging. External supply option. 
Isolated output current 4-20 mA– 250 Ohm
Static relay 100 V – 100 mA (x2)

DATASHEET» minisonic_p_EN_bd.pdf (964kB)
HANDBOOK» Minisonic_P.en.pdf (425kB)