VelociCalcPlus - Diagnostics in Ventilation Systems

User opinion:

The Vamed KMB - KMB Krankenhausmangement und Betriebsführungs GesmbH - in Austria is one of the VelociCalcPlus users. Their maintenance work belongs to official measurements for the air conditioning at the AKH Vienna, for the veterinary medicine or also for the spa in Oberlaa (AT). For such measurements it is important to use reliable measuring instruments.

The department, wich is confronted with the VelociCalcPlus daily, has not only practical benefits: "The backlight or the readable characters and the big buttons make it easy to measure and handle. And with the integrated data logger you get the documentation and reports directly".

Furthermore other details are also adventageous, for example "that the measurement in watts is also possible without extra computational processes - that can be immediately improved. With the small diameter of the probe it is also possible to measure in small measure openings."

"That the VelociCalcPlus is also a good value for the money", this is also confirmed by the department.