Accurate flow measurement at ceiling and air outlets.

The Vamed KMB - Krankenhausmanagement und Betriebsführungs GesmbH - in Vienna is using the air flow meter Accubalance at the Generalhospital in Vienna for the measurements almost all conventional ceilings and ventilation shafts. It is a fast and direct method for volume flow measuring.

Only one person is needed for the 3,4kg lightweight meter to keep it under an air outlet and to read the measurement value on the digital display or to print it via USB port. A big advantage of this system is the low air resistance on the Accubalance at the ceiling. There are no influences on the measurement results at several outlets in a room. A comissioned study proofs, that the Accubalance has made a very good reproducibility and accuracy compared to other instruments.

Adjust the various hood sizes and the possibilities for supply and exhaust air of the Accubalance makes this an indispensable tool for measuring devices for each air conditioning technicians.