Process converter Model 6580

Nokeval has designed a very slim, 9mm only, 2-wire converter with calvanic isolation. Converter is powerd by output 2.wire loop. It is specially suited to isolate analog inputs of programmable logics because those supply the power and wiring is simple. The idea of connecting power supply to output side eliminates typical problems of conventional isolators like small output load and high input side voltage drop. 

Input: 0...20, 4...20mA, 0...10V
Output: 2-wire, 4...20mA
Accuracy: <0,05% FS
Repeatability: <0,03% FS
Temperature drift: 0,006% /°C
Power supply: 1...36VDC
Isolation voltage: >1000V /1min
Damping: 10ms
Frequency range: 0...10Hz
Ambient temp.: -20...60°C
Case dimensions: 9x88x58mm