Five-year warranty now offered with selected HVAC transmitters

Get the peace of mind

Accurate measurements are essential for healthy indoor air and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Vaisala products are renowned for their unrivaled performance, reliable results, and low total cost of ownership. They also have an exceptionally long lifetime and excellent measurement stability.

Because we are so confident in the lasting quality and long lifetime of our measurement instruments, we have extended the warranty period from two to five years for selected HVAC transmitters.

Carbon Dioxide Instruments

GMD20 Carbon Dioxide Transmitter
GMW80 Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity Transmitters
GMW90 Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity Transmitters

Humidity Instruments

HMD60 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters 
HMDW110 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
HMDW80 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
HMS80 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
HMS110 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
HMW90 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters   

Temperature instruments

TMD60 Temperature Transmitters
TMD80 Temperature Transmitters
TMW80 Temperature Transmitters
TMW90 Temperature Transmitters

Moisture In Oil Instruments

MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for Transformer Oil​​

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