AeroTrak 7010

AeroTrak+ 7010 Remote Active Air Sampler

Product Description

The AeroTrak+ 7010 Remote Active Air Sampler (AAS) offers aseptic manufacturers confident and reliable microbial monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing Grade A and B environments with external vacuum systems. With active flow measurement and proactive flow alarms, it allows cleanroom technicians to correct facility conditions before monitoring is affected to reduce production waste. The active air sampler integrates into TSI FacilityMonitoring Software to put critical data at your fingertips—without worry of data interruption or loss.

Technical Specification


  • Easy compliance with FDA cGMP and EU GMP regulations by way of low d50 (0.8 μm) and active flow measurement
  • Quick corrective action driven by real-time flow measurement warnings—e.g., kinked tubing, vacuum loss, etc.
  • Design specific for Grade A and B environments with traceable materials and thoughtful accessories
  • Reduced interventions to change agar plates through intermittent sampling



  • Complete environmental monitoring system by TSI with integrated total particle and microbial monitoring
  • Hassle-free data integrity with FMS Software integration and automated, sample-based reporting
  • Secure shareability—OPC UA interface to LIMS
  • Distributed architecture without common points of failure
  • No lost data—sampling completes even if network fails