AEROTRAK™ 9306 Handheld Particle Counter

The TSI AEROTRAK™ 9306 Handheld Particle Counter offersthe most features and flexibility for customers interested in lowcost and versatile handheld particle contamination monitoring. The9306 features a sturdy and yet lightweight high impact injectionmolded plastic design for easy handling. The integrated 3.7-inchcolor touch screen interface makes this instrument easy toconfigure and operate and displays particle count and environmentaldata. The internal memory can store up to 10,000 sample records ofparticle count data which can be conveniently downloaded using aUSB port or printed directly via an optional external printer.

Bin Sizes: 0.3 to 20μm,
Counting Efficiencies:
50% at 0.3μm
100% by 0.45μm
Meets or exceeds JIS standards
Zero Count: <1 particle counted in 5 minutes (JIS)
Coincidence Loss: ±5% at 2,000,000 particles/ft3
Data Logging: 10000 sample records
Flow Rate: 0.1 cfm (2.8 lpm)
Display: 3.7 in. LCD color touch screen
Connectivity: USB compatible
Operating Temperature: 5° to 35°C
Storage Temperature: 0° to 50°C
AC Power: 110 to 260V, 50 to 60Hz
Life: up to 6 hours typical use
Type: Removable Li-ion
Charging: Internal or external, 3 hour charging time
Physical Dimensions (L x W x H): 25,4cm x 11,4cm x 7,6cm)
Software: TRAKPRO Lite Data Analysis Software

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