DT85GM - intelligent Data logger with integrated Celular Modem

The dataTaker DT85GM is a robust, stand alone, ultra low powerdata logger with an integrated 2G/3G modem designed for thegeotechnical and construction industries.

Automatic Data Delivery

The days of travelling long distances to get your data are over.The DT85GM's automatic data delivery features allow you to scheduleyour data to be automatically emailed to your inbox every day,week, month or other time interval. More sophisticated systems canmake use of the automatic data delivery features to send loggeddata to a FTP server.

Alarm conditions can also trigger data delivery or alarmmessages to multiple email addresses or mobile phones.

deTermined Communications

Mobile network outages can occur at any time and can last forminutes or days, however dataTaker have gone to great lengths toensure the reliability of data transmissions. The DT85GM canrecognise incomplete downloads and will try again until the entiredata file is transmitted, ensuring no lost data. If the networkdrops your logger, the modem automatically reconnects before thenext scheduled transmission.

If the mobile network has marginal coverage, the DT85GM can scanfor alternative networks and select the strongest signal.

Easy to Configure

The DT85GM is configured directly in your web browser usingdatataTaker's dEX graphical interface. dEX takes you through theconfiguration of your logger, showing you wiring diagrams andallowing you to decide - in as much or as little detail - how youwant the system to work, suiting both novice and advancedusers.

Using the internal modem you can even re-configure your systemremotely over the internet if required.

Applications include:

  • Landslide Prevention


Analog Channels

16 analog input channels (expandable to 320*)

Each channel is independent and supports: one isolated 3-wire

or 4-wire input, or two isolated 2-wire inputs, or three common

referenced 2-wire inputs.

The following maximums apply:

Two wire with common reference terminal: 48 (expandable

to 960)*

Two wire isolated: 32 (expandable to 640)*

Three and four wire isolated: 16 (expandable to 320)*

*Expansion requires optional CEM20.

Fundamental Input Ranges

The fundamental inputs that the DT85GM can measure

are voltage, current, resistance and frequency. All other

measurements are derived from these.

Auto-ranging is supported over 3 ranges.


Accuracy table above is % of reading ±0.01% of full scale.


Integrates over 50/60Hz line period for accuracy and noise


Maximum sample speed: 25Hz

Effective resolution: 18 bits

Linearity: 0.01%

Common mode rejection: >90dB

Line series mode rejection: >35dB


Inter-Channel Isolation: 100V (relay switching)

Analog Section Isolation: 100V (opto-isolated)

Input impedance: >100MΩ, 100KΩ (30v range)

Common mode range: ・}3.5V or ・}30V on 30V range

Sensor Excitation (Supply)

Analog channels: selectable 250μA or 2.5mA precision current

source, 4.5V voltage source, or switched external supply.

General Purpose: Switchable 12V regulated supply for

powering sensors & accessories (max 150mA).

Switchable 5V regulated supply for powering analog sensors

(max 25mA).

Analog Sensors

Supports a wide range of sensors including, but not limited

to, those listed below. A wide range of sensor scaling and

linearising facilities including polynomials, expressions and



Types: B, C, D, E, G, J, K, N, R, S, T

Calibration standard: ITS-90


Materials supported: Pt, Ni, Cu

Resistance range: 10Ω to 10K

Vibrating Wire

Frequency range: 500 to 5kHz

Coil resistance: 50 to 200Ω

Simulation method: single pulse pluck


Types: XSI 400xx Series, other types*

Resistance range: <10kΩ**

* Other thermistor types are supported by thermistor scaling and calculated channels.

**Resistance range can be increased with the use of a parallel resistor.

Monolithic Temperature Sensors

Types supported: LM34 - 60, AD590, 592, TMPxx,

LM135, 235, 335

Strain Gauge and Bridge Sensors

Configurations: . , . & full bridge

Excitation: voltage or current

4-20mA Current Loop

Internal 100Ω shunt or external shunt resistor

Digital Channels

Digital Input/Outputs

8 bi-directional channels

Input Type: 8 logic level (max 20/30V)

Output Type: 4 with open drain FET(max: 30V, 100mA),

4 with logic output.

Relay Output

1 latching relay, contacts (max: 30Vdc, 1A)

Counter Channels

Low Speed Counters

8 counters shared with digital inputs.

Low speed counters do not function in sleep mode.

Size: 32 bit

Max count rate: 10 Hz

Dedicated Counter Inputs

7 high speed inputs or 3 phase encoder (quadrature) inputs

Size: 32 bit

Max count rate: 100 kHz

Input type: 5 logic level inputs (max ・}30V), and 2

programmable inputs as either logic level inputs or

sensitive inputs (10mV) for magnetic pick-ups (max ・}10V)

Serial Channels


4 SDI-12 input shared with digital channels

Each channel supports up to 10 SDI-12 sensors.

Calculated Channels

Combine values from analog, digital and serial sensors

using expressions involving variables and functions.

Functions: An extensive range of Arithmetic,

Trigonometric, Relational, Logical and Statistical

functions are available.

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