Ultrasonic flowmeter MINISONIC II

Product Description

The Minisonic II ultrasonic flowmeter is the worthy successor of the Minisonic 2000. Its new electronics is more powerful, it allows to measure liquid flows with a very high accuracy and repeatability. The measurement signal is more accurate and its processing more efficient.

Typical applications:

  • Drinking water : Flow measurement and metering in treatment plant processes, flow measurement on supply networks…
  • Wastewater : Flow measurement in lift stations, in network, in inlet/outlet of wastewater treatment plant…
  • Raw water : Flow measurement on fire installation, network supervision
  • Climatic engineering : Flow measurement on installations, network supervision
  • Chemical products : Flow measurement on acids, bases ….
  • Pharmaceutical sector : Demineralized water loop process…
  • Automotive, food industry, energy

Technical Specification

  • Two pipes flow measurement or Two chords single pipe
  • OLED graphical display
  • Display of the measurement echo, gain and quality index
  • Accuracy up to 0,5 % of flow reading
  • Repetability up to 0,1%
  • Multi-parameter data logger