PUC24 - Prozessüberwachungsgerät für Reinräume ist österreichweit bei der Firma Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, erhältlich.

PUC24 - Process monitoring device for clean rooms

Product Description

Process monitoring system with stainless steel surface andinputs for humidity, temperature or external pressuretransmitters.

Special features

  • High level of accuracy and long-term stability through automatic zero-point calibration
  • Easy configuration of the measuring range, analogue output, time constants and units via keyboard or RS 232 (optional)
  • PROFIBUS DP interface (optional)
  • Graphic LC display
  • 2 floating switching relays
  • Selectable output signal 0 .. 10 V or 0/4 .. 20 mA
  • Selectable attenuation of the output signal from 0 .. 40 s
  • Acoustic alarm when the threshold value is out of range, acknowledgement via key
  • Wall-mounted device with mounting frame
  • Can be calibrated
  • Highly stable measurements thanks to cyclical self-calibration of the zero point
  • High level of overpressure protection even in the smallest measuring ranges protects the instrument against pressure peaks or incorrect operation
  • Scalable measuring range offers increased measurement accuracy  


Technical Specification

Measurement ranges
± 100 Pa or ± 250 Pa
freely scaleable within this range

Margin of error
±0.5 % of max. value

0 .. 10 V (Ri > 2 kΩ) or 0/4 .. 20 mA (Ri 500 Ω) adjustable
2 contact points, 6 A, 230 VAC, may be configured as desired within this pressure range

Supply voltage
24 VDC, ± 10 % smoothed

Data Interface (optional)