Vortex Probes VA40 ... ZG4 - variable insertion depth, various sensor materials, working temperature range up to +240 °C

Vortex probe VA40 with sensor head diagonal dimension 40 mm andconnection housing.

Probe materials: stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium.

Working temperature range up to +100, +180 or +240 °C.

Sensor length 250 ... 2000 mm in 250 mm stages. Processconnection via probe guide piece SF with thread or flange. Optionalwith integrated temperature sensor Pt100.

Suitable for fixed measuring of actual flow velocity v [m/s],flow rate V/t [m³/h] and temperature t [°C] (optional) inclean as well as condensate and particle-laden gases.

Signal evaluation with integrated transducer UVA (optionaloutput: temperature 4-20 mA), separate transducer UVA or systemunit µP-Vortex (VT-VA with integrated Pt100).

For ATEX category 1/2G and category 1/2D (zone 0/1, zone 20/21)applications, an additional isolation / supply unit LDX isnecessary.

Output signals:

- 4-20 mA (flow-proportional)

- quantity pulse / limit value

Configurable via RS232 interface and software UCOM (withintegrated UVA).

Measuring range

0.5 ... 40 m/s (up to 60 m/s or 80 m/s on request)

Pressure resistance

up to3 bar / 300 kPa overpressure

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