Vortex Measuring Tube VAR TwinPipe - for flow measurement in traffic tunnels

Vortex flow sensor VAR TwinPipe for flow velocity measurement in traffic tunnels, mining galleries and waste disposal sites, with +/- flow direction sensing.

Sensor material: stainless steel.

Dimensions L/H/W: 500/220/320 mm.


  • Measuring range: +/-0.4 ... +/-25 m/s
  • Media temperature: -40 ... +80 °C
  • Media: air, exhaust air (gases)
  • Displayed indicators: flow velocity
  • IP protection type: IP67 (connection housing)
  • Type of protection: ATEX category 3G and 3D (zone 2 and 22) (optional)
  • Sensor output: analog output 4-(12)-20 mA, +/- flow direction, limit value

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