VC optical consistency transmitter

Satron's VC is an optical consistency transmitter. It issuitable for all pulps consisting of a single grade,in consistencyrange of 0...7% Cs located mainly within the mechanical pulpprocesses (SWG, TMP, PWG and CTMP). Typical applications aremeasurements to screens, outlet fromlatency removal chest, screenrejects and many others. The Satron VC can provide an accurate andreliable consistency measurement without need for regularmaintenance.

The VC is installed directly to the process pipelinethrough a 1" ballvalve. The Installation and the removal ofthe sensor from process is fast and easy and with the help ofremoval tool safe even at times when the process is running. Thesensor is not affected by changes in flow rate in a broad scale andcan be installed in both turbulent and laminar flow.

Time constant is continuously
adjustable 0.01 to 60 s.

0.01% Cs.

Temperature limits
Ambient: -30 to +80 °C
Process: -30 to + 100 °C / + 200 °C
Shipping and storage: -40 to +80 °C.

3-wire (3W), 4-20 mA

Supply voltage and permissible load
24 VDC, -10 %, + 15 %

Pressure class: 
- PN20

Housing with PLUG connector, (H): 0.9 kg
Housing with display, (N and P): 1.3 kg  

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