VELOCICALC® PLUS Multi-Function Ventilation Meter 9565

Product Description

The portable handheld multi-function ventilation measuring device VelociCalc® 9565 offers a menu-controlled user interface for comfortable operation in your local language. On-screen dialogs and step-by-step instructions guide the user through device setup, application, and on-site calibration. The ventilation meter 9565 has an ergonomic, overmolded housing with probe holder and key lock to prevent improper use when left unattended. The device is available with or without a differential pressure sensor and can be combined with a variety of different exchange probes.


HVAC test & regulation + clean room testing

Testing of safety cabinets and fume hoods

HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting

Indoor air quality testing

Studies on thermal comfort

ventilation evaluations

Testing the process air flow

Technical Specification


  • Highest accuracy in air speed measurements
  • Optional "intelligent" replacement probes available, including VOC, CO2 and impeller probes
  • Connection of up to two K thermocouples
  • Large, graphic display
    • displays up to 5 measured values imultaneously
    • On-screen messages and instructions
    • Different Language
  • Intuitive menu structure for easy use and setup
  • Multiple data capture formats
  • Bluetooth support for data transmission or remote inquiry
  • Including TrakPro ™ and LogDat2 ™ software with USB cable