About us

Company Strategy

The Vision of Industrie Automation Graz - Ing. W. Häusler GmbH is to sell innovative measurement and data logging solutions for the measurement values humidity, temperature, flow, pressure, gases in the area of process optimization, quality management and safety.

The main focus is to satisfy the customers need which we will achieve through our consulting, engineering, training, repair and calibration service.

Mission Statement

  • We believe in autonomy and decentralisation and we also protect our status as an autonomous and independent corporation.
  • We concentrate our resources on business we understand at the same time we learn from the customers we serve.
  • We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their actions, agree goals and evaluate our success.
  • We seek motivated, committed, innovative employees and involve them in all areas.
  • We speak openly with each other and handle information responsible and without restrictions.
  • We want to sell high quality products and offer perfect services.
  • We want to create an environment in which ideas and progress will be cultivated and recognise profitability as the driving force of our company.