Metal Heat Treatment Furnaces

Water vapor is a key component in furnace atmospheres and feed gas, affecting the chemistry between the gas and the metal parts in the process. 

Because of the wide variety of thermal heat treatment processes, target dew point temperatures can range from –60°C to elevated levels of +35°C and even higher. Due to the extremely high oven process temperatures typically involved in heat treating, a sampling system/line from the furnace to the dew point probe is normally required in order to cool the process gas before reaching the sensor.


Safe, Robust and Precise Water Leakage Monitoring

Malfunctions in water circuits can be very dangerous to both equipment and personnel. Regardless of the cooling circuit type, principles for leaking detection are as follows: the inlet and outlet flow rates of a cooling circuit are measured by means of suitable ultrasonic flow meters. The inlet and outlet temperatures are also acquired from sensors mounted in close proximity to the flow meters. Our ulstrasonic system uses separate temperature sensors to achieve maximum accuracy.



Miba, an Austrian metal sintering company, manufactures metal parts for the automotive industry. With its wide range of products, Miba makes motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly, contributing to the mobility of people worldwide.

Miba’s sintered products need to be of the highest quality, comply with the industry requirements and be...