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Solutions for Energy Management with Compressed Air, Gas, Steam and Water

The demands of process monitoring are becoming more diverse and the need for maximum product quality is steadily increasing. That is why we continue to offer flow measurement technology that also provides industry-optimized solutions for future requirements.

The new generation of our TA10 flow meters for compressed air are based on a thermal measuring principle. That means you save time, money and maximum security over the entire lifecycle of your system.


High Quality Compressed Air Needs a Little Looking After

One of the most important measurements to ensure a clean and dry compressed air system is dew point. Unwanted moisture in the systems can affect equipment operation, as well as product quality. Food industry, for example, needs clean, very dry and stable compressed air with dew point of -40°Td. Deviations in measurement cause big problems.

Our reliable dew point measurement instruments, for fixed installations in e.g. dryer applications, as well as the handheld models are perfect to spot-check the compressed air systems but also to confirm the functionality of fixed dew point meters.


Vaisala DRYCAP® Technology

In 1997 Vaisala introduced DRYCAP®, a new type of dew point sensor based on thin-film polymer technology. Since its launch, the DRYCAP product family has grown to encompass a huge range of applications, from drying processes to compressed air and dry chambers. The DRYCAP sensor is particularly renowned for its reliable performance in hot and very dry environments.

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