HVAC professionals manage systems of every size and complexity—from residential properties to industrial and commercial systems to large-scale district networks. They are responsible for controlling specialized environments like hospital and operating rooms, laboratories and fume hoods, cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets and isolators. Studies show that the work they do to optimize comfort, safety and energy-efficiency has measurable benefits for human health and productivity.

We understand that every HVAC system is critical to health, safety, quality and compliance. With our tools and instruments, you have the accurate, real-time data you need to do your job and grow your business.


Accurate, Reliable Instrumentation for Tesing and Balancing/Commissioning

The key to a comfortable and efficient space is the design and function of a building's HVAC systems. The testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) of the systems is what ensures they are functioning properly. The tools used to do TAB and commissioning work are just as important as the education and experience of the professionals performing the work. With our instruments, you can be confident you are investing in professional grade tools.


Measurement of volume flows in air ducts and processes

In building and process technology, it is necessary to measure the quantities of air flowing into rooms or processes or being circulated in the plant. The quantity of air transported in a given period of time is known as the volume flow. Accuracy down to the last decimal point is not usually critical in these applications. The key features are reliability, robust build quality and good value for money. We can offer you the perfect differential pressure transmitter for you special applications.


Demand Controlled Ventilation

In demand controlled ventilation (DCV) the ventilation intensity is adjusted to correspond to the true need in order to save energy. It has clear advantages especially when occupancy varies widely, such as in schools, conference centers and auditoriums. The CO2 level in a space indicates human presence and can be used to control ventilation.

The efficiency of DCV can only be optimized by accurate carbon dioxide sensing. Vaisala CARBOCAP® technology delivers maintenance-free accuracy and performance that lasts. The CO2 sensors can be used in a wide variety of applications, including variable outdoor CO2 levels or facilities with around-the-clock occupancy such as hospitals, workplaces and residential buildings.