Measuring humidity of air exiting from the hood

In paper manufacturing it is important to control the moisture content in the paper to an optimal level based on the end-use e.g. printing. Typically the paper mass is not measured directly, but paper mills use the hood air measurement to monitor and control the drying process indirectly, and for avoiding excess humidity in the hood. This measurement is especially demanding if there is a risk of condensation combined with elevated temperatures.

We provide fixed humidity transmitters for different dryer types, and also hand-held meters for spot-checking and verifying the operation of the fixed instruments.


Level Measurement in Storage Towers

Large quantities of prepared stock are needed to keep a paper mill running continuously. This material is stored in high storage towers. They are characterised by their large material throughput and agitators that ensure the homogeneity of the stock. Inside, the warm stock generates lots of steam and the pumping and stirring processes make the surface very turbulent. Our Reliable level measurement ensures a continuous supply of stock and prevents the agitator from running dry.


Applications in Headbox and White Water

Low-consistency measurements, e.g. in the production of paperboard and slower fine paper machines, are existential components in wet end process management. Accurate measurement and control is paramount to product quality and runnability. With our Satron transmitters, you ensure a cost-efficient and highly functional system especially for paperboard machines.