Micromanometer Air Pro™ AP800

AirPro™ Micromanometer Instruments are rugged, compact,configurable and highly accurate measurement devices featuring aMicromanometer (AP800), Mobile Application Software, and FeatureSets (Basic, Advanced and Professional). AirPro MicromanometerModel AP800 measures static and differential pressures withseamless connection to smart devices, utilizing Bluetooth® LowEnergy (BLE). Data is shown on an integrated display on theinstrument while simultaneously being communicated wirelessly, inreal-time, to the AirPro Mobile Application Software running onyour mobile Android or iOS handheld device. Instrument features areenabled remotely based on user preference and subscriptionlevel.



  •         HVAC commissioning andtroubleshooting
  •         Testing and balancing
  •         Pitot tube duct traverses
  •          Static pressuremeasurements
  •         Differential pressuremeasurements


Features and Benefits: 

  •         Calculates velocity whenused with a pitot tube
  •         Auto zeros pressure sensorupon instrument startup
  •         Barbed pressure ports tosecurely attach tubing
  •         High contrast display easesviewing in dimly lit areas
  •         Measure differential andstatic pressures from-15 to +15 in. H2O (-3735 to +3735 Pa)
  •         Long life rechargeableLi-ion battery reduces cost of ownership
  •         Calibration certificateincluded



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