K-BAR 2000-WGF

Multipoint Insertion Flow Meter for Wet Stacks

Product Description

K-BAR 2000B-WGF multipoint insertion flow meter is engineered specifically for wet stacks, condensing gas environments, and biogas applications. The K-BAR WGF processes the dry flow signal independent of the effects of moisture in the process gas stream. K-BAR 2000B-WGF flow meters have effectively no impact on the flow stream, proven high accuracy, and are highly economical for both initial and maintenance costs.

Technical Specification

Velocity range
0 to 6,000 SFPM (28 NMPS)


Dry velocity accuracy
± (1% of reading +20 SFPM)


0.25% reading repeatability


Velocity angle sensitivity
<2% per degree angle up to ±20°


Electronics operating temperature
‐40°C to 65°C

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