WM30 Wind Sensor for Mobile Applications

The Vaisala Wind Sensor WM30 is a compact and economical windspeed and direction sensor. The rotating cup anemometer at the topof the unit provides a linear response to wind speed. The vane,which is attached to the body of the unit, provides a fast responseto wind direction.


Wind speed


Sensor / transducer type
Measurement range
Starting threshold
Distance constant
Transducer output
Accuracy (range 0.4...60 m/s)
      wind speed up to 10 m/s
      wind speed over 10 m/s

Dual reed switch
0.5...60 m/s
<0.4 m/s
2 m
1 Hz ~ 0.7 m/s

±0.3 m/s
error < 2%

Wind direction


Sensor / transducer type
Measurement range
      WMS301 1-wiper potentiometer
      WMS302 2-wiper potentiometer
Starting threshold
Delay distance


<1.0 m/s
0.6 m
better than ±3°



Operating  supply voltage

3...15 VDC

Operating temperature


Operating temperature
Storage temperature

-40...+55 °C (-40...+131 °F)
-60...+65 °C (-76...+149 °F)


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