Save energy thanks to precise and stable measuring devices

The food, beverage, and agriculture industries are required to adhere to strict safety guidelines and regulations to prevent contamination and preserve the high quality of end products. Compliance to safety is so critical that even minor issues can impact produce quality, food safety and result in low yields, unexpected downtime and low quality end products. Measurement instrumentation helps to prevent issues when growing or processing food and when producing beverages. Reliable and accurate process monitoring and the ability to provide tools are crucial to optimizing the entire production process, from growing the food to preparation, manufacturing, filling, packaging, and storage.

Optimizing drying process

Accurately measuring the humidity in the drying air is essential to optimize the drying process. It is important to keep the air dry enough to avoid microbial growth and keep products safe, and optimal conditions can only be achieved with accurate dryer controls. Optimizing the drying process provides a competitive advantage to manufacturers, saves energy and costs, and improves process consistency and end product quality. Typical applications include monitoring  fluid bed and spray drying and controlling humidity levels in baking ovens.

Sorage and safety

Optimal storage conditions must be constantly maintained for fresh produce. Proper humidity and CO2 control protects goods against loss of moisture, decay, and aging. 

Controlling humidity and temperature levels in refrigerated warehouses reduces frost buildup and condensation, improves energy efficiency, and decreases defrosting costs. Accurate monitoring of moisture levels in the air can reduce unnecessary heating and also reduce energy costs.

Monitoring CO2 levels is essential to ensure safety of people in fermentation facilities, breweries, wineries, and fruit and vegetable warehouses. Also CO2 refrigerated facilities require measuring CO2 levels in areas where potential refrigerant leaks can occur