Spray drying monitoring

When it comes to drying food, the experts generally agree: it is important to dry the food sufficiently to prevent the growth of germs and to ensure the safety of the product. On the other hand, the drying simulator shows that minimizing the drying process saves energy and costs. The crucial point is to increase the supply quantity or the moisture values ​​in a targeted manner so that energy consumption is minimized, but not too little so that the quality of the end product does not suffer.

Which levels are to be set depends on the product attributes, for example the desired aw value of the end product. The optimal amount of feed varies depending on the product to be dried; so there is no general formula here. The determination of the values ​​for the relative exhaust air humidity or the dew point is essentially the responsibility of the manufacturer. But in the drying phases, depending on the desired degree of drying, it is essential that the parameter values ​​- adhesive point, adsorption isotherm and glass transfer point (Tg) - are known. In addition, the conditions must remain stable. The precise and stable HUMICAP sensor measurement technology is essential for this, because it is a key method for the development of cost-effective and energy-efficient manufacturing processes.