Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is a public health emergency that healthcare institutions and workers around the world are preparing for. Healthcare workers need confidence in their respiratory protection as the disease continues to spread. Many healthcare institutions use manual and time-consuming qualitative methods with Saccharin and Bitrex to adapt respirators. With these qualitative methods, fit test administrators have to rely on a person's senses and self-reported feedback to determine whether a mask fits properly.

A critical step in ensuring the safety of healthcare workers is testing filter face parts like N95. The PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester delivers an objective fit test for any ventilator, including any N95, in less than 2½ minutes. It is the only quantitative instrument that is suitable for all types or brands of respirators. Simplify your fit test program with a consistent and automated test experience for every ventilator.

The purpose of an N95 respirator is to protect a wearer from airborne particles. The designation "N95" means that the breathing apparatus blocks at least 95 percent of the very small test particles (0.3 microns) during careful tests. In order to filter out these breathable particles, an N95 has to achieve a very tight facial adaptation, which is achieved with a PortaCount respiratory protection fit test and a particle image velocimetry system.