Measurement of compressed air consumption

Höntzsch’s thermal flow sensor TA allows direct gas mass flow rate measurement without additionally requiring pressure and temeprature sensors. It is very small and therefore not being a big obstruction in the pipeline making the pressure loss quite negligible. The small time constant of 1 s enables accurate measurement with high temporal resolution. Our thermal sensor TA is suited for pipelines with an inside diameter starting at 8 mm.

Additionally to compressed air other gases such as propane, butane or hydrogen can be measured as well. They are also very valuable gases, their consumption a cost relevant factor and are important for energy management.

Flowtherm NT.2 is used with a mobile sensor for short-term measurements and can display and store values. Series of measurement is also possible.     

Höntzsch TA sensors have no moving parts and ensure high long-term measurement accuracy. The sensor is made out of stainless steel and therefore easy to clean. It is also available with a display and keypad allowing direct parameter setting in the sensor. The ATEX-version of our TA sensors for zone 1 (zone 0) and category 2 (zone 1) can be used for measurements in potentially explosive areas. The mobile use in category 2 (zone 1) is also possible with a Höntzsch handheld unit. Analog to consumption measurement of compressed air our flow sensor TA can also be used for the measuring of natural gas or clean gas. Calibration with the actually used gas is possible in the Höntzsch calibration laboratory.