Online monitoring of hydrogen and moisture in power transformers helps minimize outages

Gas monitors for gas-in-oil analysis in power transformers

The energy industry is currently facing several challenges: ensuring the safe operation of devices that are reaching the end of their useful life, the effects of network overloads and a growing number of network disruptions. Vaisala has responded by offering a diverse portfolio of real-time online transmitters for those utility companies looking to mitigate these risks and protect their critical assets.


Maintenance-free monitoring with the Vaisala Optimus ™ OPT100 DGA

With the help of DGA monitors, moisture-in-oil, hydrogen-in-oil, temperature, dew point, pressure and density meters from Vaisala, utilities can safely increase the performance of their devices and prepare maintenance plans in a timely manner to avoid unexpected failures .

A multi-gas DGA monitor like the Optimus DGA Monitor is the best choice for your critical transformers as it provides a comprehensive view of the transformer's health.


Maintenance-free, cost-effective monitoring with the Optimus DGA online monitor

The Vaisala Optimus ™ DGA enables maintenance-free monitoring without consumables, mechanics or calibration. Compared to conventional DGA monitors, the Optimus OPT100 DGA monitor offers you real-time monitoring without false alarms, without maintenance requirements and without additional life cycle costs.

By providing reliable, real-time trending data with zero false positives, Vaisala DGA monitors help you identify upstream problems.