DP-CALC 5815

The DP-Calc 5815 is available throughout Austria from Industrie Automation Graz, IAG.

DP-CALC Micromanometer 5815

Product Description

The DP-Calc™ Micromanometer 5815 allows you to easily make HVAC pressure measurements. This robust instruments can be used with pitot probes to measure duct velocity. The DP-Calc 5815 is a simple-to-operate, handheld digital micromanometer for fast, accurate differential and static pressure measurements.


HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting

Testing and balancing

Pitot tube duct traverses

Static pressure measurements

Pressure drop across filters, coils, fans, and diffusers

Environmental air flow testing

Technical Specification


  • Measure differential and static pressure from -15 to +15 in. H2O (-3735 to +3735 Pa)
  • Calculate and display velocity when using a Pitot tube



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