PD Flowmeter for Oil and Water

FLOWPET is  an  OVAL flowmeter primarily intended for use in boiler feed water and fuel oil metering applications.
Field proven accuracy and long life along with the best price/performance  and  ease  of  use  make  this  industrial  meter  ideal as a dedicated tool for heat control.


  • Available in two product families - for water service and fuel oil service
  • Rotable digital LCD
  • Models with an internal battery (good for 8 years)

Fluid temperature: 0 to +120°C (High temperature service: 0 to +150°C), Ambient temperature: -10 to +60°C
Max. operating pressure:  1.18MPa (Flange rating: JIS 10K RF)
Accuracy Oil service: ±0.5% of RD Water service: ±1% of RD

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