Air Velocity Transducers Model 8455

Product Description

The Air Velocity Transducer 8455 (general purpose) is ideal for both temporary and permanent installations for air velocity measurements in research and development labs, manufacturing processes, and other applications.

Model 8455 contains on-board electronics and calibration curves that provide a linear signal output. This linear signal is sent out as either a current (mA) or a voltage (V) signal, allowing output to a variety of data loggers or data acquisition systems. Best of all, the current and voltage output ranges are easily changed by the user in under five minutes.

Ideal applications include comfort and draft studies, critical environment installations (e.g., clean rooms and hospitals), diffuser design analysis, monitoring drying processes, monitoring air flows in tunnels and subways, used as a standard in wind tunnels and calibration facilities, environmental monitoring in greenhouses and IAQ applications as well as general engineering applications.


Probe attached to 16.4-ft (5-m) cable connected to control module

Compression fittings for mounting in duct work

Two holding clips to mount probe to parallel surface

Operation and service manual

NIST calibration certificate

Two-year limited warranty

Technical Specification


  • Protected probe tip
  • Available with choice of 3, 6, 9 or 12 inch probes
  • Rugged ceramic sensor
  • Wide range of measurement applications
  • Fast response time
  • Range: 25–10,000 ft/min (0.125–50 m/s)

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