UF821 - Ultrasonic fixed flow meter is available at Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, throughout Austria.

UF821 - Ultrasonic fixed flow meter

Product Description

The Uf 821 flow meter is used to measure the flow of liquids in full pipe up to a diameter of 10,000 mm. Configurable via USB port, it is available in single and multi pipe versions and can integrate up to 4 measurement chords. It comes with an LCD graphic display and measurement validation indicators. Equipped with a multi-variable data-logger and maths functions generator, it can also receive optional input/out modules (analogue, digital, temperature, etc.). The Uf 821 takes into account the different flow regimes by Reynolds number calculation.

Technical Specification

  • Graphic screen
  • Echo, gain and quality index displayed
  • Accurate up to 0.5%
  • Repeatability up to 0.1% 
  • Multi-parameter data logger
  • Mathematical functions generator
  • Optional Input/output modules (analogue, digital) 
  • Automatic calibration of the zero point on site