Monitoring Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Industrial scale battery manufacturing is done in almost clean-room type of environments, where ambient conditions are stable and under control, with ultra-low humidity environment maintained for safety, yield, and efficiency. This is because the manufacturing includes handling chemicals that are sensitive to moisture and can pose a security risk if moisture level or humidity rise. 

Strict process control is a must throughout the manufacturing process as well as contamination prevention and cleanliness. 

Vaisala’s measurement solutions help manufacturers to produce more high-quality products in a more sustainable and cost-effective way. Efficient inline measurement data contribute to optimizing processes, which brings down production costs. Our trusted products tolerate the most extreme conditions and aggressive chemicals. 


Lithium battery manufacturing

Lithium-ion battery manufacturing process is sensitive to moisture. Too high humidity in the production room may cause the lithium to react with the humidity and transform into lithium hydroxide and hydrogen. Low relative humidity and precise humidity control is a must in industrial scale manufacturing.  Challenging production environment demands a water vapor detection instrument with reliable performance and strong resistance to process byproducts that may be present in the atmosphere.

Vaisala offers a chemically resistant polymer dew point sensor that is actively manipulated to achieve long term reliability with very little measurement drift. Calibrated devices using this sensor are available as low-cost transmitters or fully configurable field instruments.

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