Transmitter Indigo 510

The Indigo 510 Transmitter is available throughout Austria from Industrie Automation Graz, IAG.

Indigo 510 Transmitter for smart probes

Product Description

Transmitter Indigo 520:

Vaisala Indigo510 transmitter is an industrial-grade, robust transmitter that accommodates 1 Vaisala Indigo compatible probe for humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and moisture in oil measurements. The transmitter can display measurements on the spot as well as transmit them to
automation systems through analog signals or Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

The Indigo-compatible smart probes include humidity probes (HMP1, HMP3, HMP4, HMP5, HMP7, HMP8 and HMP9), dew point probes (DMP5, DMP6, DMP7 and DMP8),  carbon dioxide probes (GMP251 and GMP252), moisture in oil probe (MMP8), temperature probe (TMP1), and vaporized hydrogen peroxide probes (HPP270). The Indigo510 transmitter can also be connected to the MHT410 transmitter for display of measurement data and automation system connectivity.

The Indigo520 transmitter can accommodate up to two probes simultaneously. The plug-and-play probes are easy to install and remove for calibration.

Technical Specification

Features for Transmitter Indigo 510:

  • Universal transmitter for Vaisala Indigo compatible probes
  • Touchscreen display (optional non-display model with LED indicator also available)
  • IP66 and NEMA 4 rated metal enclosure
  • 2 configurable galvanically isolated analog outputs
  • Ethernet connection with web interface for remote access
  • Modbusâ TCP/IP protocol
  • Protective extra-low voltage powering