2-wire-Panel meter

Product Description

Model 301/305:

Autopowered bright red LED- display 201 needs no external powersupply. Current signal 4-20mA provides

the necessary energy. therfore, it is possible to install themeter in places having no auxiliary power


You can now replace the autopowerd LCD- displays, having verypoor visibility, by right red LED-displays.

Model 311:

The wide varenty of sensor types makes the panelmeter 211 idealfor all kind of temperature applications.

Further, the 211 also accepts thermopile infraded sensors andprocess inputs 4-20mA an 0-10V. Sensor

selections, display and output  scalings are easy to dowith front keys. You can also prevent access to the

menu by setting a password.

Technical Specification

Technical specifications:

Input 4..20 mA, linear or square root

Display scaling -999....+9999

Desimal point Freely selectable

Accuracy 0.05% of span

Input resistance,301/305 240 ohm (voltage drop= 4,8V)

- with alarms, 302/306 370 ohm (voltage drop =7,3 V)

Alarm relays (option) 2 solid state relays (SSR),max. 250 VAC, 150 mA

Alarm mode High and low level

Hysteresis Selectable 0..100 %

Display 4-digit red LED, 14.5 mm,adjustable brightness

Push buttons Switches under front panel

Case protection IP65

Case material and color ABS-plastic, grey

Ambient temperature 0...+60 °C

Terminals 301/302 Detachable 2,5 mm²305/306 Detachable 1,5 mm²

Weight 200 g


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