504FTB Inline Mass Flow Meter

Product Description

The Series 504FTB utilizes the same Kurz MFTB Technology asabove but is designed for applications where flow disturbances orline size changes is not an issue. The 504FTB has 10 modelscovering Mass Flow ranges to 1000 SCFM for inline sizes from½" to 4" pipes.

Technical Specification

Series 504FTB In-Line Mass Flow Transmitters use theKurz MetalClad™, "MD" and "FD2" all-welded AlloyC-276 sensors. In this design, the temperature sensorand velocity sensor are mounted in separate tubes (or"stings"), providing exceptional thermal isolation fromthe sensor support structure and a fast response toprocess temperature changes.

The influence of temperature on the thermal propertiesof gases requires temperature compensation for repeatableand accurate measurements. Kurz temperaturecompensation is the most advanced and is exceptional.GAS CALIBRATIONThe customer has a choice of a laboratory calibrationor a gas correlation calibration for most industrial gases.

The 504FTB circuitry includes circuitry to prevent anover-temperature condition caused by a sensor, wiringor component failure. Kurz sensors will not overheatat zero flow, unlike most competitive devices becauseof the constant temperature sensor control and thepower limiting design.

The Series 504FTB has several innovations whichimprove performance and provides extraordinaryflexibility. A new constant temperature digital bridgecircuit (US Patent 7,418,878) includes an efficientswitching power supply. The single bridge PCB hasan EEPROM loaded with the PCB serial number,calibration coefficients, and component values whichinsures the safety of the data.The sensor electronicsincludes a sensor lead resistance compensation circuitwhich is extremely important for long sensor wires,rapid gas temperature changes and large temperaturegradients between the sensor and the ambient air.