Large field-display with microprocessor technology

Product Description

The large field display series 575 for serial communicationis designed for applications where a readability of 20 to 100metres is required. Configuration is easy with keys and a 5digit minidisplay inside the case. The displays use the simpleNokeval SCL protocol where only the address, value and check sumare sent. The displays come standard with both the serial inputsRS-232 and RS- 485. The serial bus is galvanically isolated fromthe processor and the power supply. In the configuration mode youcan set the address, baud rate and the type of number value thatyou want to appear on the display after power connection.

Technical Specification

Process inputs: 0..20 mA, 4..20 mA, 0..5 V and 0..10V
Display scaling on the whole display range
Input resistance current input 50Ω, voltage input >1 MΩ
Accuracy: 0,05 % FS
Linearity: 0,01 % FS
Supply for transmitter 24 VDC, max. 40 mA
Potentiometer input: 100Ω -10kΩ
Reference voltage: 2,5 V, max load 25 mA
Voltage stability: 150 ppm/°C
Accuracy: 0,05 % FS
(optional): 2 alarms with change-over contacts,
relays max 240 VAC, 2 A; hysteresis 0..100%
Alarm reset: automatic or manual by
external contact or via configuration keys.
Reversible function for relays.

AD-conversion: 15 bits (1/32000)
Input filter: adjustable digital filter
External contact: display hold, alarm reset or display taring
Configuration: keys and a minidisplay inside the case
Operating temp.: -35..+50ºC
Terminals: removable, wire 2,5 mm²
Power supply: 85..240 VAC or 24 VDC ± 15 %
Case protection: IP65


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