Signal converter Modell 6570

Product Description

Loop powered galvanic accuracy isolator 6570 is designed forcurrent input 4...20mA works without auxiliary operating voltage.Converter is serial connected into a current loop which will begalvanic isolated over to the output 0...20mA, 4...20mA or 0...10V.Typical inaccuracy is smaller than 0,05% of full scale.

Technical Specification

Input: 4...20mA
Safety limit: <500Ohm when output loop open
Current output: 0/4...20mA
Max output load: 0...30Ohm
Load accuracy effect: <0,01% /100Ohm
Voltage output: 0...10V
Max load: <5mA, output load >2kOhm
Input voltage drop: 10V, when max output 10V
Ambient temp. effect:
For zero level: <0,005% /°C
For Span: <0,01% /°C
Typical linearity: <0,03% of span
Accuracy: <0,05% of span
Isolation voltage: 3kV DC


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