Microprocessor-2-wire-Converter Model 6720

Product Description

Transmitter 6720 is exceptionally versatile and accepts all mostcommon sensor inputs. You can configure it by PC via CablePOL-RS232. Transmitterfront has configuration connector whichconnects adapter calbe POL-RS232 to serial port of the PC. Menubased configuration program is easy to use togehter with low costcable makes delivery economical even in case of one unit only.

Technical Specification

2-wire: 4...20mA
Straight and reversed: 4...20mA /20...4mA
Resolution: 0,03% of span (DAC)
Sensor break monitoring: 35 or 24 mA

Power supply range: 10...32VDC
Galvanic isolation: 2000VDC /1min
Measuring rate: 2-3 samples/s
AD-converter: 16bit
Output DAC: 12 bit
Calibration temperature: 22°C
Temperature effects <0,005%/°C
Operating temperature: 0...60°C
Ambient temp.: -20....+70°C
Humidity: 0 to 95%RH


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