Programmable transmitter Model 7100 with digital input

Product Description

Serial transmitter 7100 is exceptionally versatile and acceptsall common temperature and process signal inputs. You can connectits digital output direct to devices having RS485 serial port. The32 transmitters may be connected to one serial bus. Transmittersuits for application where digital inputs is required, like PCserail port or programmable logic controllers.

Technical Specification

Protocol: Nokeval SCL
Baud rate: 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200 bps
Output: RS485, 2-wire
Max. distance: 1000m

Power supply: 24 VDC, +/-15%
Power consumption: max. 40mA
Temperature effects: <0,003%/°C
Galvanic isolation: input/output 1000VDC /1min
Measuring rate: 4 samples/s
AD-converter: 16bit
Output DAC: 12bit
Operrating temp.:0...60°C
Ambient storage: -20...+70°C
Humidity: 0...95%RH


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