Transmitter Model 7470 with four analog outputs for serial data

Product Description

The transmitter 7470 provides an economical means of convertingdigital data to analog signals, mA / V and transmitting them tofour field instruments. Configuration is simple by MerkuWin programor the general purpose hand held programmer 6790. The transmitteruses the simple Nokeval SCL protocol. One serial data bus accepts31 7470 transmitters or other serial instruments, that is 124output channels. Typical applications are PC -based programs orPLC.

Technical Specification

Current output:
Output: 0...20mA, 4...20mA
Max.load: 600 Ohm

Voltage output:
Outputs: 0...5V, 0..10V
Max.load: 1mA
Accuracy: 0,1% of span
Linearity: 0,06% of span
Temperature effect: 0,005% of span / °C

DAC conversion: 12-bit (resolution 4096)
Power supply: 18...28VDC
Power consumption: 30mA...110mA
Power demand: max.2,6W


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