Aerodynamic Particle Sizer APS Spectrometer 3321

Product Description

The Aerodynamic Particle Sizer® 3321 (APS™spectrometer) provides

high-resolution, real-time aerodynamic measurements of particlesfrom

0.5 to 20 microns. These unique particle sizers alsomeasures

light-scattering intensity in the equivalent optical size rangeof 0.37

to 20 microns. By providing paired data for each particle, theAPS

spectrometer opens up exciting new possibilities for thoseinterested in

studying the makeup of an aerosol.

Technical Specification

  • Double-crest optics produce high-quality measurements 
  • Measures light-scattering intensity from 0.37 to 20 µm 
  • Measures aerodynamic particle size from 0.5 to 20 µm


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