CEM20 Channel Expansion Module

Product Description

Increasing the channel capacity of the dataTaker dT80 range ismade very easy by adding dataTaker Channel Expansion Modules(CEM20). Each CEM20 connects 20 universal data logging channels tothe dataTaker data logger. This effectively expands the totalchannel capacity of the DT80 to 300 analog inputs and the DT85 toan incredible 800 inputs.

Technical Specification

Connections to Logger:

Digital control connections: 5D & 6D in/out terminals
Power connections: 12V & DGND twin terminals
Analog connections: *,+,-,#
Maximum number of CEM20 units per data logger:
DT80 & DT80G (Series 2 only): 5
DT85 & DT85G (Series 2 only): 15


Type: Relay multiplexer
Maximum Input Voltage: 30Vdc
Maximum Sampling Speed: 12 Hz

Power Supply:

Recommended: Logger´s switched 12V output
Alternative: External regulated 12Vdc +-5%


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