dEX Logger Software

Product Description

dEX is our software platform that allows you to configure your sensors easily and manage you logger network in real time. You can edit your code manually to a connected logger or in offline mode, or you can use the intuitive interface to quickly add new loggers or sensors. You can also see your data in real time by setting up mimics. dEX comes in a range of applications so no matter where you are you can see your data and manage your loggers.

Advantages of dEX-software solution:

  • dEX App for tablets
  • Built-in software - no application to install
  • Runs directly from your web browser
  • Accessible by Ethernet or USB connection
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Easy-to-use configuration editor
  • Access live and historical data
  • View data charts, mimics and tables


Download dEX App (Goolge Play Store)

Download dEX App (App Store)

Technical Specification

Browser-based Solution

dEX comes pre-installed on every logger in the DT80 range. The software loads in your web browser so there is no need to install cumbersome applications on your computer. Being browser-based, dEX will work on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Configuration Editor

The configuration editor allows you to view, edit and save logger configurations in an easy-to-use Windows Explorer style user interface. The configuration tree view allows definition of measurement schedules and measurements.Wiring diagrams show available wiring configurations for each sensor type. Configuration can be stored and retrieved on either the logger or a local computer.

Mimics and Charts

Mimics are organised into panels which can be modified to highlight custom alarm conditions or data grouping. Mimics include dials, bar graphs, thermometers, etc. Real-time chart recorder mimic allows you to view trends and historical data over a custom time/date range. Up to 16 mimics can be displayed on up to 5 mimic pages.


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