Vaisala Temperature-Datalogger DL1000/1400 is available at Industrie Automation Graz, IAG, throughout Austria.

Vaisala Temperature-Datalogger DL1000/1400

Product Description

Vaisala DL1000-1400 is a high-accuracy temperature data logger. Ideal for ultra-low temperature freezers, fridges, cold rooms in regulated environments, the DL1000-1400 temperature logger provides stable, reliable measurements. With a measurement range from -90 °C to +70 °C and stable accuracy at ±0.10°C, the DL1000-1400 series can take up to four inputs for monitoring or mapping temperatures in that range. This series also offers an optional input for door monitoring. The DL-series loggers connect to Vaisala's viewLinc software to provide historical and real-time data, remote alarming, and reporting in compliance with global regulations and standards. The data loggers can also be integrated to non-Vaisala systems with our OPC server.

Technical Specification


  • Select models with 1 to 4 temperature channels and two probe options to measure from -90 °C to +70°C
  • viewLinc monitoring software includes password-protection, audit trail, and calibration reminders to ensure data integrity
  • On-board memory and internal battery for autonomous data recording
  • Recording at the point of measurement ensures data is immune to power failures and network interruptions
  • Adjustable, user-selectable recording intervals (every minute, every hour, etc.) with multi-year data recording capacity
  • To help you meet cGMP, ISO 9000 and HAACP quality standards, measurements are traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes (NIST USA, MIKES Finland, or equivalent), or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories
  • On-site calibration and rental equipment are also available in some regions
  • viewLinc and vLog software allows users to create customizable, presentation-quality reports exportable to MS Excel, .CSV, .PDF
  • Probe clips hold external temperature sensors secure
  • Timebase calibrated over the operating temperature range and adjustable time-based recording
  • Optional PoE data logger cradle (vNet) for easy network connectivity
  • Vaisala's OPC Server makes the DL-series data loggers interoperable with any OPC-compatible monitoring system
  • All Vaisala DL-series data loggers are backward compatible with all versions of the viewLinc monitoring software


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